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All About Keywords Keyword – it is a word or combination of words (phrase) followed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in order ...

All About Keywords

Keywordit is a word or combination of words (phrase) followed by search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in order to find the desired information on the Internet.


Keyword  – may be grammatically incorrect word or phrase. Because most people are looking for online Patingo correctly (with accents and so on.) To write the appropriate phrase.

Keyword  – here begins SEO optimization. Keyword search and selection of a particular web page is SEO Optimization basis. It is therefore necessary to select the most important and most relevant keywords, otherwise the whole optimization process can be time consuming and a waste of money. Just think if you optimize a website in a keyword that will not necessary benefit or profit, then left with one conclusion -
SEO Works worth nothing.

For example, not quite incorrectly selected keyword will be if the electronics store will be optimized for certain keywords with which man came into the online store will not buy anything, because the keyword is for information purposes only. This means that a man sought for information only and do not purchase the product. However, and here you can see a number of benefits such as - website traffic increase and are likely to be needed when the man said he will return the product to the same e-store, because there have found useful information.

This article details in:

1. Who is better - one keyword or keyword phrase?

2.How to create a list of keywords suitable for your website?

3. How to shorten and select only the best keywords?

keywords competative
Before the keyword search is very important to mention the keyword or keyword phrase length. Take a look at the following table:

As you can see from the picture the best benefit is derived from the average length of keywords .:

keywords longtail
Since keyword length depends on a site's conversion points

Conversion occurs when a Web visitor:
  • Search engines display keyword and search query brings
  • Search engines choose results in your website or page
  • Carry out your company benefit from the action, for example., Buys something online or call your business.
People searching for information on the Internet usually write two or three words in the phrase. One-word phrases used by about 30% of all searches on the Internet and phrases longer than 3 words used much less.

So yes it goes to: If you choose a longer keyword phrase you will have much less traffic on the site. However, do not do a foregone conclusion because first of all need to talk about targeted traffic.

Considerations: If a person searches the system will write "computers" that could predict exactly what the person is looking for? Looking for information about the concept of a computer, computer types, or want to buy a PC ...? If he is looking for a laptop, and the first choice of the site was only on desktop computers, then of course the site will be closed and remained in place another search. However, if a person knows exactly what they want and the search engine will write Asus laptop and your electronics store will be optimized for the keyword, then a lot more chance that will buy a computer with you.


Another example: if you provide such services as Eshop creation, This is certainly not the main keyword "online shop" in which the keyword is generic and fails to exactly what the customer is looking for.

So targeted visitors call: how many people visit your site so that you are offering exactly what people searched online. So if a man wrote to the appropriate keyword search engine has found for your website, visit it and bought the product - which means that the conversion occurred. When the search phrase visits of your site reviewed and activated it means the keyword did not convert. In this case, you receive only the traffic, but did not sell anything.

Take another look at the picture and concluded the following:
  • It is much more difficult to optimize the living room with a single word, because a lot more competitive pages
  • There is no need to optimize for one keyword, because it will only flow rather than conversions
  • The longer and more accurate keyword the less visitors, but you get the targeted traffic, which will give more conversions.
Keyword Types:
Before the initial keyword list, I would like to show the differences between these two types of keywords:
  • nformation (such as "computer") and
  • Purchase / transaction (such as the Asus PC price)
When people type keywords informative difficult to say what exactly he is looking for. Maybe just looking for the definition of a computer or share information about computers. But the fact is that with this type of keyword is very unlikely that the site visitor to buy the product.

However, if a person entered a keyword: Asus PC price, then it is much more likely that a person visiting the site will buy the computer.

It may well be to combine these two types of keywords such as Asus and HP PC reviews. This keyword indicates that the person still does not intend to buy, but are interested in a variety of computer feedback. So combining the two types of keywords also increases the likelihood that will happen keyword conversion.

2. How to create a list of keywords suitable for your website

Discover not only for individual keywords, but also their compounds

If they had made a list of keywords but most of them are made up of only one word, then it is time to think about and keyword phrases that best suit your goods or services offered.

Consider how your site's products or services to search for different age groups, different levels of education or people of different sexes, and so on. For example if you site contains information about the sauna rental services. Thus, most of the online search with the keyword "for rent bath, but the younger generation, people can look for the same services just a little bit different such as" sauna rent and so on. You can do an experiment with friends and acquaintances (of different age and sex and so on.) Describe the product or service and ask how they search for it online.

For example if you are trading on MP3 player with radio is the younger generation of people might search with the keyword "mp3 player", while older people can use the keyword "radio with headphones or ausinuskas. Well this is not the best example, but I think you understand the idea.

Take advantage of the Internet and discover more keywords

Once you have a list of 20-40 keywords then you can use the search engine databases in order to clarify the existing and still find new keywords. To give the most popular instruments in order to carry out:

Keyword Planner (Eng. Google's Keyword Tool). Register at

and complimentary use Keyword Planner.

A preliminary list of keywords to place the Keyword Planner ( Google's Keyword Tool) and drill in the following information:

keyword planing toolThe average number of searches per month. Shows how popular this keyword and you'll see the approximate number of searches done for a particular keyword. It will be possible to judge the popularity of the keyword.

This proposal approximate cost-per-click if you want to book your AdWords advertising. According to this price, we can deal with what is the competition (including paid AdWords ads). If the price over 1USD / click then accordingly we decide that it's really valuable keyword.

Keyword Search Trends (Google Trends)

You can analyze keyword popularity. This is a great tool for those (seasonal goods and services) who want to analyze the popularity of the keyword for the selected period. You can choose any period and analyze keyword trends of the season concerned. In addition, you will be able to see the popularity of the keyword by the city and will be offered to a search.

LINK:  http://www.google.com/trends
It is also a good and very easy to operate tool for helping to identify:http://ubersuggest.org/.

Other measures :

Long tail pro- http://longtailpro.com/

KW finder - http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/search.html
KWFinder - find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty 

SEMRush - http://www.semrush.com/

Take competitors keywords 
It should be explicitly recognized that SEO process partially associated with spying competitors 'sites / analysis, because each in its field is closely monitoring its main competitors' marketing. So do not miss the chance to be "borrowed" a good word from their competitors.

Google advertisingHow to do it:
Google search engine, enter one of your keywords and you will see its main competitors. As an example, we recorded in the search for "limousine rental. Next on the natural results of the search you will see all of the sites that compete with each other for the first position.

Choose one of the competitors in the URL you type (instead of keywords) to
 Keyword Planner ( Google′s Keyword Tool). Tdances way discover new keywords or phrases.

Take a competitors site code (SOURCE) and drill in their keywords

What information to look for:
  • <title> ... </title> <meta name="description" content=" ... " /> <meta name="keywords" content=" ... “/>
  • <Title> The keyword | keyword | keyword </ title>

Title featured both site visitors and search engines' robots. This is usually the most important keywords.

  • <Meta name = "keywords" content = "keyword selection, keyword, keyword, keyword" />
You will discover additional keywords, which are intended for visitors to the site, but search engine "robots", but, as I mentioned earlier Google has no further assessment of these tags, but most of them are still found so nepraleskite chance to see here.

  • <Meta name = "description" content = "KEYWORDS Selection" />
You will see how your competitors describes your site, and where and how to use your main keywords. This part of the description is only visible in search engine results.

Also, the keyword variations and see the bottom of the Google search engine (Google offered key - see. Fig. Above).

Discover all the pages with a particular keyword in the page title

To find all the pages with a particular keyword, you just have to adjust a little google search query in the search box. Suppose we want to find all the pages whose title is the keyword "SEO services". Then google search type (without the quotes): "intitle: seo services. And if you want to make a loop, and those pages, fuels this is the keyword in the URL - "inurl: SEO Secrets.

Additional keyword with grammatical errors

It should be mentioned that Google is the number of keywords with grammatical errors, because most people still Patingo words are spelled correctly with nasal, Ci the long, does the dot, and the like. And some think that it makes no difference how google will write an error or without, but the difference here is like two different keywords, minibus hire and minibus hire. However, just because it is not worth making mistakes in texts, but you can use the name of the photo or alternative image text.

Additional keyword with the place name

If you are offering certain services in a particular area (Canada, USA, etc.), use the keyword phrase and the name and location so you concentrate more on your target audience. The first - the easier the longer keyword optimized second - target audience will be targeted, the third - the page will be lower rejection rate, because if the service is offered only in one city, then a visitor from another city can immediately close the site because it does not find what he needed.

 According to the nature of the site (trade, services, training, information, etc.) and you can find additional words to the keyword, such as "price", "cheaper", "Feedback" and so on. However, any new keywords it should be possible to check through the Keyword Planner (Google's Keyword Tool) or other similar measures.

3. How to shorten and select only the best keywords

Had made quite some keywords and phrases list. However, with all of the words to carry SEO optimization would be too complicated, so now should be to shorten the list and select the best. There are special programs that the following process much faster, but show you how to do it without buying any additional expensive SEO programs . Calculate the performance indicator keyword - KEI (Eng. Keyword efficiency index)

KEI formula adaptation selected keywords

KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) indicator shows the keywords that are best for your site.
KEI calculate knowing (R relevence),(Sv - Search Volume),(C - competition)

1. (R relevence) - Keyword Matching site content. This is how many selected keyword match your site's content. This indicator will manually set (1,2 or 3). So to each keyword in your MS Office Excel file, type the number corresponding to the value:

1 - keyword completely matches your page content.
2 - The keyword is only close to your page content. 
3 - keyword is only partly consistent with the content of your page.

For example if your site offers minibus rental services then on "Bus Rental" should write the number 2, because the keyword is close (even most people searching online minibus hire bus writes).

2. SV - Volume Search (keyword search volume) - define how many times a month, the Google search engine users with specific keyword searches performed on average per month. This information can look through Keyword Planner (Google′s Keyword Tool): https://adwords.google.com

- Go to Keyword Planner (Eng. Google's Keyword Tool): https://adwords.google.com

- Copy / Paste all selected keywords - Choose the keyword match type (further details below).

- Select a location, language, devices, and you will get the number of searches per month with a specific keyword

Keyword match types:
Google′s Keyword Tool
Broad Match - This means that it will display and keyword synonyms and other variations of words (for example: using minibus hire, and provide you google the following keywords: rental service, bus hire, minibus hire usa it .t.t).

Phrase match (key distinction in quotation marks "keyword") - which means that Google will provide a range of keyword variations, but by example, will not have bus service.

Exact match (key distinction in square [keyword]) - which means that Google only such and no other searches for keywords. If you type minibus hire, it is changing even a single letter of the keyword search result will not make such .: "minibus hire.

3. C - competition (Competitiveness) - that's the number that shows how many websites are already online with a particular keyword. So the less websites will be optimized for a specific keyword, the KEI index will be correspondingly larger. Setting by taking advantage of the Google search engine - type in your keyword and see competitiveness.

In this way, set all selected keywords competitiveness and write everything in Microsoft Office Excel table, making it easier to calculate:

 KEI calculate by the following formula to determine the best keywords). Simple KEI formula:

 However, if your keyword list contains those keywords that are partly consistent with the content of your site then it is worth to use the following formula:

Now select the best keywords 
First sort all keywords by KEI descending. As I mentioned earlier the higher the KEI keyword better.
It would be too difficult to optimize a site plowed all keywords, so let's start from the top 5. To help you sort do the following:
  • The best 5 (or less, such as: 3), select the color green.
  • For the next 20-30 select the color yellow..
  • All the rest - red (with a minimum KEI).
So now you already have the basic five (green), additional (yellow color) and alternate (red) keywords.

As we begin to optimize keywords from 3-5, so each of them to be assigned to a different page. Assign this means that a specific page on the site will be optimized for a specific keyword. So now select (or create) a site 3-5 pages. The next 20 to 30 keywords for each break the yellow marked (three / five) pages separately so that the "yellow key" as close as possible to a specific page. "Red keywords will be used as a replacement or additional.

Having prepared the keyword table, you can already start to perform an internal page optimization.

Next article recommend you read: 7 page optimization Steps.

And for those who still have questions about what is SEO, then rekomenduojmae read the article: What is SEO?




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